Bellingshausen Vodka



Fact Sheet


When was it created?

Liviko started producing their silver-filtered Estonian vodka – Bellingshausen Vodka – in May 2019.


“In the spirit of great exploration and life´s wonderous journeys.”

The silver-filtered Bellingshausen Vodka, inspired by a voyage of discovery to Antarctic glaciers and made in search for perfection, carries 120 years of vodka-making experience, as well as knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation and master to master.

The vodka created by Liviko’s masters is a bow to Admiral von Bellingshausen, who came from Estonia, and his lifetime achievement, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Antarctica’s discovery.

What makes Bellingshausen Vodka special?

The speciality of Bellingshausen Vodka relies on specific production principles and values.

  1. Liviko has a 120-year production experience, which is based on knowledge and skills passed down from generation to generation and master to master – it is supported by modern technology and an especially equipped lab.
  2. From the purest grain
  3. Multi level processed water
  4. Silver Filtered to perfection. Triple cascade filtration, one stage of which is silver filtration
  5. High tech quality control. Quality control at every stage of production, from grain spirit and water to final product inspection until the end of manufacturer’s warranty.

What is it made of?

Bellingshausen Vodka is produced according to a recipe developed by Liviko’s masters from spirit made of pure grains and specially double-treated water. The spirit is made from a mixture of rye and wheat.

How is the production process carried out?

Bellingshausen Vodka is produced at the Liviko factory (Masina 11) according to a unique recipe. The spirit analysed and examined in the laboratory is mixed with specially treated and tested water.

Bellingshausen Vodka is produced using a triple cascade filter – although it extends the production process, it helps the vodka to deliver a clean and soft taste.

The cascade filter consists of three parts. An activated carbon filter is used first. Then, both the water and spirit used for making the vodka are passed through a silver filtration system consisting of 29 silver cells. The final finish to the Bellingshausen Vodka is provided by a polishing filter that brings out particular lucidity and brilliant shine.

What are silver filters and what is the advantage of silver filtration?

Silver filters are essentially cartridge filters which consist of activated carbon and silver cells.

Silver works as a chemical catalyst, so that the filtration process is carried out slowly to achieve the desired chemical processes. Silver is a catalyst for the reaction of ethanol decomposing into aldehydes and water softening vodkas taste. The polishing filters used last give the vodka its ultimate shine and brightness.

What is the multi level processed water like?

Double-treated water is used for the production of Bellingshausen Vodka. The first stage is water softening, whereby the ions (limescale) that cause hardness are separated from the water, and the second stage is additionally treated reverse osmosis water with minimum mineral content. Water treated in this way is de-mineralised and has a very clean taste.

What the high tech quality control means for us?

Liviko’s laboratory checks and analyses each batch of each raw material to ensure the high quality of its products and the desired flavour and aroma characteristics. Liviko has set stricter requirements than the legislation for its production and raw materials.

In addition to Gas Chromatography method we use special Spectral Fluorescence Signature (SFS) method technology for our quality control. It is instant and accurate way to manage quality check of different kind of products (alcohol beverages, water samples) in solid and liquid state. This method is most efficient to detect residues of aromatic compounds, which emit a specific light named fluorescence.

Spectral Fluorescence Signature is a unique fluorescent fingerprint of each product.

Even our products would be poured into wrong bottle we still recognise them according to their unique fingerprint.

What is the taste of Bellingshausen Vodka like?

Different vodkas have different flavour and taste profiles. The taste of Bellingshausen Vodka is clean, soft, round and balanced.